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Winners of C.A.C.I.Ag competition & video! :)

13/11/2012 20:02
Me and Nyx participated National Championship but only first run - C.A.C.I Ag was really good - we won it in 2nd fastest time out of 64 competitors including Silvia Trkman with Bu and Bi :) Enjoy our run :) HERE:  

New STUD DOG chosen!

23/10/2012 10:50
After looooong time of searching for perfect dog for Nyx I chosen brown&white dog imported from Northern Ireland called Gino. Gino is amazing, friendly calm dog but on the agility parcour he is real devil :) I love his way of running agility and because I know him personally I know he is the...

How Cassie could run again or About bandage from America

10/08/2012 19:40
  All our troubles started after first qualification round for AWC and EO into Czech agility representation. During  one of the trainings Cassie fell down badly from the a-frame and started to hobble, more precisely, she didn´t step on this leg at all. I knew it was bad. Because it...

European Open 2012 - big success for me and Nyx!

31/07/2012 21:05
Journey to Sweden was really long and tiring. We traveled for more than 24 hours through all Czech, Germany and sea. But the European Open in Kristianstad was really amazing party :) Me and Nyx´s best result was 6th place out of 370 competitors in open agility and 13th place out of 93 teams...

We are qualified for EO in Sweden and AWC in Liberec as substitutes! :)

26/06/2012 18:29
Let me inform you that me and Nyx are qualified for European Open in Sweden and also for Agility World Championship (only as substitues) for teams large!!! We are soooo happy. Nyx is 3 years now and it is big success for us, hope in future we will also compete on AWC!!! :)

Slow motion video - Nyx, jumping, 2 bars

15/06/2012 21:26
Slow motion video - Nyx, jumping, 2 bars - Border collie Championship.

Comparing video from 2nd Qualification - Nyx 2nd place

07/06/2012 11:51
Click here :) :

Czech Championship of border collies in agility 1st-3rd June

05/06/2012 10:50
My pleasure to announce you that me with Nyx together with Lucie Konečná & Face and Andrea Valentová & Honey are Vice Champions of CZ in teams! During weekend we had only 2 clean runs but the last clear run was amazing! We were 2nd/ of all A2/A3 dogs (around 70) with second best time. I...

2nd Qualification Round into Representation & Cassie has injured!!!!! :(

05/06/2012 10:42
Unfortunately my little fragile sheltie has injured on the agility training  - she broke her achilles she was operated and now she must be at rest for 6 weeks, so  this agility season finished for us again like last year (broken finger) before it even started :(( I am really...

1st qualification round on World Championship and European Open

04/05/2012 17:25
Surprisingly we were better with Nyx then with Cassie, Nyx was 3rd/130 in jumping III large, 6th/jumping II and 22nd/agility IV, so we got some points into representation but there are two more competitions so long way to the finish :)  There is amazing comparing video of Nyx (3rd place)...
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