2nd Qualification Round into Representation & Cassie has injured!!!!! :(

05/06/2012 10:42

Unfortunately my little fragile sheltie has injured on the agility training  - she broke her achilles tendon...so she was operated and now she must be at rest for 6 weeks, so  this agility season finished for us again like last year (broken finger) before it even started :(( I am really thinking about the end of our career in her 7 years... But we will see...

Fortunately there is one more dog I have chance with :)) Her name is NYX :) We ran well at second round so we had 2 clear runs and 2 with 1 fault/1 refusal so we got points in all the runs. I was very happy.  After 2 qualification rounds still NO ELIMINATION!!! :)) We are now in top 5 large teams so cross your fingers for the last round. My aim was to participate on European Open in Sweden this year, hopefully it seems very good :) Videos soon!!! :)