European Open 2012 - big success for me and Nyx!

31/07/2012 21:05

Journey to Sweden was really long and tiring. We traveled for more than 24 hours through all Czech, Germany and sea. But the European Open in Kristianstad was really amazing party :) Me and Nyx´s best result was 6th place out of 370 competitors in open agility and 13th place out of 93 teams large. 

We made 3 clear runs, unfortunatelly in finals, where was amazing atmosphere we were eliminated on 3rd jump ;-) but we totally enjoyed it.

Nyx surprised me a lot with perfect jumps and contacts, all the mistakes were mine. And she proved me that we are able to keep up with the best teams :) 


there is video from the agility (qualification run) -  6TH PLACE/ 370 COMPETITORS

there is video from the jumping (qualification run) -  71 THE PLACE / 370 COMPETITORS


Foto: Pavel Košek