How Cassie could run again or About bandage from America

10/08/2012 19:40


All our troubles started after first qualification round for AWC and EO into Czech agility representation. During  one of the trainings Cassie fell down badly from the a-frame and started to hobble, more precisely, she didn´t step on this leg at all. I knew it was bad. Because it was in the evening I had to wait for next day to go to my veterinarian MVDr. Novak from AB Vet – veterinary clinic in Bohumin city. His diagnosis was clear – achilles tendon. We made also X-ray and after that it was obvious the achilles tendon was torn. One day later Cassie was operated. After, there followed several weeks of absolute rest. After some time doctor told me Cassie could start having a walks and slowly got into training. Roughly two months after  injury I was at work and my parents called me that Cassie ran out sharply after seeing  a cat on the garden and she came back using only three legs again. I immediately  knew that it was not good. The next day I went to my veterinarian again and he unfortunately confirmed my fear. The achilles tendon was torn again. Cassie was reoperated. After operation doctor Novak recommended me to buy a bandage from the American company Therapaw ( Thanks to Luca Bartole I gained the contact to the Therapaw company and also I got a money saving offer. The dealing with this company, especially Mrs. Ilaria Borghese was very fast and respectable. Bandage was made very fast and absolutely tailored on Cassie´s needs. The bandage is very good, it helps Cassie to live normal life, it makes Cassie (and me) happier because we can have  walks and we are not afraid that injury comes back again. My veterinarian plans Cassie will run again agility one day. So we will see. I am happy now that she is happy without pain. So big thanks to Therapaw company, it´s helpfulness and professional attitude.