Nyx´s 3 victories - agility competition in Ostrava

26/09/2011 16:07

Last weekend we participated agility competition OSRA in Ostrava near our house. The judge was Margot Fischer from Austria. During one day there was exam (LA2), Open Agility and Open Jumping. First day we were not bad but not good. I was very very nervous. We won the last run - jumping, Nyx was really fast. Next day - Sunday, I was more relaxed, felt good and also my handling was better. Nyx was fast and amazing again. We won 2 runs and in the exam I made an elimination because she didn´t waited on the contact on the dogwalk until my order and ran away from the contact. So we repeated the complete dogwalk. But I was really happy, there were some very quality teams and our victory helped my self confident. You can watch the video here: