Cassie and her team won 2nd place on the Czech Championship 2011!

23/09/2011 11:49

I hesitated very much about starting of Cassie on this Championship. She was for the long time hurt with her broken leg, but my friend from our team made me change my opinion and finally me and Cassie started. Cassie seemed OK, in Saturday she gave 2 clean runs, individuals 8th place /52 and in teams first of our team had elimination so we had to finish the parcour clearly :) After first run our team "Slowfox" was on the 2nd place. Sunday, Cassie was a little bit tired and I think her leg started to hurt again. First run was quite OK, we had 1 refusal, but the rest of our team was clear, so we were 3rd in this run and total 2nd!! We were really happy. Last time we were 3rd. Finals individual was catastrophy. Cassie was sooo slow and even she went under the bark, she has never done yet! Finally we were 25th but Cassie was a heroine for me, the best. She ran because of me, I love her soo much..Now, she has a pause with agility for the rest of this year and with new year, if Cassie will be ok, we will run again! Thank you my little brave Cassie!

Photo by Lukáš Palm