"Nyx"       Full name: Azzaria Nyx od Čeníčka

FCI registered


 breed: border collie

sex: female

colour: chocolate & white

date of birth: 26/05/2009

height: 48,5 cm


DNA CEA: Normal (by parentage) and also clinical examination

TNS and CL : Normal (by parentage) and also clinical examination

PRA: neg.

glaukom: neg.

HD A/A (DKK 0/0) (all her sisters and brothers also HD A)

ED A/A (DLK 0/0)

OCD free

Complete heart test: OK (2012)


mother: Liza´s border Vega Blue

father: Filip ze Skalistých hor

brothers and sisters: Audrey BlueBerry, Amazing Joy, All-fired, Ace Cassy

working trials: ZZO, ZVOP, LA1, LA2, LA3

biggest successes: qualified for European Open in Sweden 2012 (6th place in Agility)

qualified for Agility World Championship in Liberec 2012 - reserve team for teams


About the name  ( Nyx)

In Greek mythology Nyx is the goddess of the night. I fall in love with this name.