First agility competitions

19/02/2011 14:26

In January we participated our first agility competition and we were really successful.There are results:

Vosa Cup

Saturday: Jumping 4./1 mistake , LA1 2./ 1 refusal, Agility 5./1mistake

Sunday: Jumping DIS, LA1  1./ 2 mistakes - touches, Agility DIS

Mikulovský Dvojhrb

LA1 - 1./25 , LA1 3./1 mistake

Vosa Cup II

Saturday: Jumping DIS, LA1 DIS, Agility 2.

Sunday: Jumping 3., LA1 2./1 mistake, Agility DIS


Nyx is really fast and concentrated but because of absence of trainings (no where, no when) we haven´t trained technical elements yet

so we have large curves between particular obstacles and time loses. We also have problem with slalom, when Nyx wants to pass it

very fast and she runs out the slalom earlier. We want to change it and we will work on that. We also hope next competitions will be betterand better. You will find videos in section "VIDEO".