Unsuccessful competitions - EuroCup and Horka nad Moravou

18/11/2011 18:50

EuroCup - 5th-6th November was international competition in Slovakia. There was an enormous amount of rivals. There were very good teams! 

Me and Nyx were not too successful, there are our results:


Jumping A3, 14th/42 competitors, 1 fault, 1 refusal

A3 trial, DIS

Open jumping CACAg. 13th/96 clear run


Jumping A3 DIS

A3 trial DIS

Open agility CACAg. 7th/96 clear run

CACAg. total: 4th place/96


Horka nad Moravou competition was 11th November and it was the last competition in this year for us. Nyx and I need training, we didn´t have enough training during autumn, circa 3 training for 3 months - there is no time for training! :( but it must change. We are going to participate Tereza Králová´s seminars and work hard during winter to be the best in the year 2012! :)


Trial LA3 DIS

Jumping Open 10th/45 1 refusal, 1 fault

Agility Open 10th/45 1 refusal